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Tri-County Master Gardener Policy - Inter-state Transfer of Extension Master Gardeners


To effect the transfer of an active Master Gardener from another state, a written recommendation on behalf of the Master Gardener petitioning for transfer must be provided to the local MG Extension Coordinator. The MG requesting the transfer must be active and in good standing prior to transfer. The Master Gardener transferee may then be received into the Tri-County Master Gardener volunteer group as a South Carolina Master Gardener candidate.

Active Master Gardener transfers from states within the southeast region (Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida) are required to take the entire Master Gardener training course for a discounted fee of 75% off the total cost of the training class. (This price includes the cost of the training manual and other supplies). They will have the option of taking the weekly quizzes or taking and passing the final exam.

Due to the significant differences in gardening outside the southeast region, active Master Gardener transfers from states outside the southeast region are required to pay the full fee, take the weekly quizzes, and pass the final exam.

Upon successful completion of the class, the Master Gardener transferee shall agree to a 40-hour volunteer service commitment as outlined in the Master Gardener orientation policy and will assume all rights, responsibilities, and privileges of a South Carolina Master Gardener.

Updated 1.24.14

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