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Tri-County Master Gardener Policy - Intra-state Transfer of Extension Master Gardeners


To affect the transfer of an active Master Gardener from another county in South Carolina, a written recommendation on behalf of the Master Gardener petitioning for transfer must be provided to the local MG Extension Coordinator. The MG requesting the transfer must be active and in good standing prior to transfer. The Master Gardener transferee may then be received into the Tri-County Master Gardener volunteer group as a South Carolina Master Gardener candidate.

  1. The transfer of SC Master Gardeners between local MG programs shall be accomplished by the forwarding of the records of the transferring Master Gardener to the county coordinator (or his or her designee) to which he/she is transferring.

  2. The transferring MG shall commit to at least 15 volunteer hours on the telephones in the Extension office under the supervision of the area MG coordinator or his designee and become familiar with local practices and routines.

  3. It is recommended that the transferee audit the next scheduled local MGTC. Due to the significant differences in turfgrass in the coastal area, those MG’s transferring from the midlands and upstate must audit the next available turf grass portion of the MG training class.

  4. The transferring Master Gardener must record all volunteer hours in the MG reporting system.

  5. Upon successful completion of the above requirements, the Master Gardener transferee shall become a member of the Tri-County Master Gardener Association.

  6. In order to maintain certification as an active Tri-County Master Gardener, the transferring MG must complete and report in the volunteer reporting system, a minimum of 20 educational service hours and 10 continuing education hours, as outlined in the Master Gardener orientation policy, and will assume all rights, responsibilities, and privileges of a South Carolina Master Gardener.

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